Recognizing National Adoption Month


mombabysmileHere at CNY Fertility, we love both creating families and watching them grow.  We have the honor of working with incredible parents patiently waiting and tirelessly pursuing all options to create the family that is meant just for them.  Some of our clients decide to pursue adoption simultaneously along with their fertility treatment.  This selfless commitment has been a joy for us to witness.  We are also happy to be able to support and encourage our clients who make the decision to focus their attention solely on adoption, once they feel like they have reached the end of their journey with us.  Regardless of when or how a client has reached the point to say yes to adoption, we have been honored to witness their journey.
This month, we recognize the importance of adoption and foster to adopt programs.  Through these programs, thousands of children every year are placed in loving and steady homes and finally able to unpack their bags for the last time.  If you are considering adoption and you would like to learn more about the process, we recommend National Adoption Month 2014.  For more information that we have gathered on the adoption process, and a collection of helpful links, we welcome you to browse our Adoption page.
If you would like to connect with other clients who are pursuing adoption, or who have successfully adopted during or after treatment, please contact Lisa:  She will be happy to connect you with others who are willing to share their experiences.