Rebecca and Mick – September’s IVF Giveaway Recipients


Meet Rebecca and Mick, the recipients of our September IVF Giveaway.

“All my life I had dreamed of being a mommy and having my own family. Having a family is what was next on our list, I found my soul mate, had a beautiful wedding and start of our marriage, and this was what our next life event would be. I am a planner, and if you’re anything like me, you like to know what is next and be prepared.

Mick and I married 2013, my husband and I began trying to conceive immediately. You don’t think when you get married it’s going to be so hard to have a child. A year later and we still hadn’t conceived, decided to visit the doctors, to see what they could suggest.

After many tests, The doctors commissioned the usual tests and we attended appointments and procedures and one surgery for the endometriosis and just for good measure the doctor took my appendix also. My husband and I have tried 9 IUI and timed intercourse with injectables I was dreading the injections I’ve never been great with needles, in fact, I passed out during one of my flu shots. So I was terrified really, which was why I was hoping I’d only ever have to do it once. I didn’t know what to expect at all the scans and I didn’t really know what a ‘good’ reaction to the treatment was, however, the doctor’s office soon made it clear that it was not going well. The scans were showing only two follicles growing, nothing much else was happening and they were already talking as if the cycle had failed. It was a really worrying time and I felt very lost and alone.

After 5 years we finally decided that we both had enough and stopped the meds and I broke up with Wanda. I was free. Kinda there was still the pain and hurt and still no baby. We decided to take some time and travel. Fast forward January 16, 2018, I found out I was pregnant after tasking 17 yes. I really did take 17 home pregnancy test. 3 things crossed my mind I was either dying, going through the change or pregnant. Holy cow was I ever. I was 6 weeks and I was over the moon with joy and excitement. We had a heartbeat, and everything looked good, but sadly, it was not fine and at 8 weeks we lost the baby. We found out later that it was trisomy 22 and it was a girl.

I can’t explain to you the pain of losing a child unless you have been there. What followed was months and months of heartbreak, pain, and devastation. Infertility makes you feel like you are broken and angry and its just unfair The doctors told me I had little chance to conceive without the help of ivf which I have never been able to do due to the cost. I am so thankful that I’m surrounded by such a supportive husband, family, and great friends. As much as I hate to see anyone go through this, it’s nice to have another person to share things with. I have no idea what God has in store for us – I’d be lying if I said I knew. I know God uses all kinds of experiences and hardships (and heartaches) for His good. I also know that however, this all works out, it will be according to His plan and even though it may be hard at times, I trust Him fully. I will remain grateful for every single little good thing we continue to experience every day.

I am so thankful for CNY that we have the opportunity and option to try IVF. I am also incredibly grateful for my husband, who is so wonderfully supportive and ready to do this with me. We are all in and going through the last few years of this journey with him, I love him more and more every day. I hope and pray that at the end of this, I’ll be looking into a tiny little face that reminds me of the man I get to have by my side through all of it.”

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