Putting Pumpkins to Work: How They May Improve Your Fertility


HAPPY HALLOWEEN from CNY Fertility Center 🙂
This time of year we see Pumpkins all over the place. They are so much more than a seasonal decoration for the house or your lawn. The pumpkin seeds inside are loaded with goodness! Consuming these seeds are beneficial for men and women’s fertility. The main source of nutrition in pumpkin seeds is zinc, but they also contain Omega 3’s, iron, magnesium, and fiber.
Zinc has been shown to be extremely helpful with fertility in men. Zinc may aid in protecting sperm from chromosomal damage, and increases both the quality of sperm, as well as the volume of semen.
In women, zinc may also help to support ovulation. Snacking on a variety of whole foods, such as pumpkin seeds, may also benefit those with PCOS. Pumpkin seeds contain leptin which reduces food cravings which is common with those who have PCOS, and also reduces inflammation in the body and may help to lessen acne.
To prepare pumpkin seeds:
Cut a circle at the top of the pumpkin around the stem and remove. With your hands or a large spoon, scoop out the insides. After cleaning the pulp off of the seeds, rinse them in a colander removing any leftover pulp, and set aside to dry or dry with paper towels. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Coat with olive oil and if desired, a light dusting of salt, or any seasoning of choice (some examples: cracked pepper, garlic, cayenne pepper). Spread out in a single layer on a baking sheet and bake for about 3-5 minutes or until golden brown.
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