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Dr. Rob On the Day
Good Morning, Good Morning! It’s Dr. Rob on another awesome and amazing day. LIFE. Wow! It’s the gift of the universe! All the troubles and problems we live with every day, they are all meant to be. Being focused and true is hard to do, but this is what we are to do, for this is life. Those things that are hard, are what we are to do. Those things that are difficult and challenging and often make us feel like what the heck is going on here. We must stand still and be strong in the day, and not lay down and be run over, but stand straight and tall and move forward directly into the fear, because fear is what develops each and every one of us. It is through fear—for faith evolves and restores all things—that we grow, learn, and create and shape that thing we call our destiny or fate. But it is neither of those things. Each day we create our own.
It is neither predetermined nor in the stars, but the predetermination is that which you dream and think it should be, and then it unfolds and it will be. Make it more amazing than you ever imagined. MAKE IT MORE AMAZING THAN YOU EVER IMAGINED! The trick is to imagine the great in all that you be and do this day.
Yes, I’m up early each and every day. Do your work with passion, joy, fortitude and faith. God is the great creator of our universe. He always knows what he is doing. Always!
Read something today that is uplifting and positive. Talk to someone who is new and different, and challenge your beliefs. Do something that challenges your beliefs.
God bless to you this day. This is Dr. Rob. Mind, body and put a smile on your face while doing whatever you’re encountering.

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