PICSI/HBA Multi-Site Clinical Trial


PICSI/HBA Multi-Site Clinical Trials, CNY Fertility Center
UPDATE – December 2010: This clinical trial is no longer taking place. Thank you for your interest.
CNY Fertility Center is excited to announce we have recently joined a Multi-Site Clinical Trial sponsored by Biocoat, Inc, and are currently recruiting patients to participate in this study.  The protocol is entitled:  Effectiveness Of The Use Of The PICSI Dish (Hyaluronan Microdot) In The Selection Of Sperm For Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) For Patients Having A Low Versus High Proportion Of Hyaluronan Binding Sperm (HBA).   For more information about this new technology, please visit and search for PICSI.
If you have questions, you are invited to email Debra Woodhouse at