Our Miracle
Posted by: admin on Apr 30, 2011 in Success Stories

My husband and I struggled for 8 years with infertility. I started going to CNY in 2008. We tried 7 rounds of IUI and we thought we were done trying until we got offered a grant. We did IVF 1 time and got pregnant with triplets. At 21 1/2 weeks I went into labor and delivered all 3 of them. They lived for a couple of hours and then passed away on Sept 11, 2009. There was nothing in this world that could compare the pain to have to bury your children. We knew we couldnt give up so we tried IVF 2 more times. The second time it took. We now have a 7 month old baby girl named Tayor. She is truly a miracle baby. She couldnt be any more perfect. I just want to say to people who are struggeling to get pregnant that don’t give up on your dreams! Thank you CNY Fertility!


3 responses to “Our Miracle”

  1. M says:

    My heart goes out to you and your husband! What a journey!

  2. cindy mullen says:

    She is a blessed beauty…

  3. April says:

    thank you, you never really can lose hope..your story proves that. thanks for sharing…God bless you and your new family.

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