Our little Miracle
Posted by: Editor on Jun 20, 2010 in News, Success Stories

Mark and I had been trying for awhile to have kids, and it just wasn’t working for us. My doctor had recommended that we go see Dr Kiltz at CNY Fertility Center. Of course we were very nervous at our first appointment, but everyone was so nice at the office. We felt like we had known the staff forever.

We first tried insemination, which didn’t work for us. So we then decided for our next cycle to go right to IVF, which worked on the first try. I had two embryos implanted, and they both were growing very well. At 9 weeks one of the embryos stopped growing, and no longer had a heart beat. We were upset, and a little nervous for the remaining embryo. Our one little embryo kept growing, and we ended up having one gorgeous little girl!!!

Our little Alexis Nicole was born January 7, 2010. She is one happy and healthy baby. We both can’t imagine our lives without her now that she is here. We want to thank Dr. Kiltz and the rest of his team for all the support they gave us along the way. Your inspirational and moral support truly did make a difference.

We also just went to the party that you guys have at the Syracuse Zoo, what a great event that was!! It was so nice to see all these couples that had similar situations. It’s nice to know that we’re not alone, and it was nice to see all the happy endings.

Thank you again for everything.
Shannon and Mark

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