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Life is beautiful for us now! I have been meaning to send a big THANK YOU to everyone been a little busy…I have attached a picture of our little blessing Derek Richard who has come to us on December 16th after 3 years of a long road.  We have to thank you guys and all that were involved in helping us through our journey.  Just when we thought it was the end of the road and we were going to give up we thought lets give it 1 more try and we have been blessed…thanks to you guys!!!
My pregnancy was up and down at the beginning of the second trimester with some complications – funneling and I was 2 centimeters dilated at one point as well.  However, I stayed positive and kept my head up and didn’t give up hope that things would turn out for the best.  I carried to full term well actually I was a week late and delivered a healthy baby boy 7lbs 6.5oz – 21.5 inches.  I worked right up to the day of delivery…started surges at work and then soon after my water broke.  My pregnancy and birth experience was everything I could of asked for and more.  I had a water birth at Schuyler Hospital and Deborah Bissonettee my midwife helped my husband and I through the birthing experience.  I took the hypnobirthing approach and also had a water birth which created just the right beginning for my baby in the outside world.
I feel with all the positive surroundings that I received from your facility from day one it helped me carry out the best possible pregnancy I could of had.  From day one of my pregnancy and everyday after I read Dr.Rob’s intention faithfully and I really feel that it brought peace to me and my little growing being even on the days of waking up and not feeling energized…the readings help me dig deep to remember what life for me was and is all about.  On the dark days I was able to find sunshine and peace through the readings
I have to say the smiles and positive attitudes, and morning greetings from your office clearly kept me going strong even after I was released to my regular doctor.  I also want to give a great deal of credit to my acupuncture treatments. At the beginning not really open to them and then totally felt fabulous after each and everyone of them.  I owe a big thanks to Donald for that!!!  Donald and everyone else at the wellness and spa center made me feel comfortable each time I visited.  I felt comfortable enough to ask questions and express some of my concerns at any given time.
Thank you everyone that was a part of our journey…words cannot explain the love that has been given to us through the help of your facility.  When we wanted life so bad we turned to you and with the guidance and support we were blessed with our little being.
Thank you and God Bless,

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  1. Janice
    Janice says:

    Liza, Congrats…hearing stories like yours always reminds us that we will have the blessings you are experiencing now, one day too! Enjoy your little one!

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