Our frozen success!
Posted by: Editor on Jul 26, 2010 in News, Success Stories

We are so blessed to welcome our two girls into the world after a frozen transfer! Abby joined us on May 2 at 10:43 pm, and Leah followed 11 hours later on May 3 at 9:29 am!! Twins with different birthdays! After a long fertility journey we are so lucky – and we owe it all to Dr. Rob and the staff at CNY Fertility Center. When we had given up hope, you helped us to remain positive and hopeful! THANK YOU!


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  2. Jennifer says:

    Hello and congratulations! I used to go to CNY but after 6 long painful years, multiple miscarriages, multiple IVF’s and other forms of treatments, my husband and I have walked away with frozens and a hope that one day when we have enough gusto, we can walk back to finish our last batch. I’ve been holding off for a number of reasons but one was because we’ve decided to end our journey with just this and if I have them implanted and nothing happens, it’s a fear of having to officially let go. I am not in my late 30’s and learning to live a balanced life childless but not by choice. Reading your success story has given me the hope I needed to hear. I really want to be like you someday soon and be holding my newborn twins too. I never shared that yet but my husband and I have always wanted twins. So, it’s proof that not only can frozens work but it can give you two! I pray that this happens for me too. Thank you again for sharing!

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