Our First Family Vacation
Posted by: admin on Dec 16, 2010 in Success Stories

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that a person could love something so much until my beautiful twins where delivered and placed in my arms on October 4th 2007. I will never forget that very day. My husband and I loaded our suitcase filled with everything we thought we needed for our trip to the hospital into our SUV, pulled out of the driveway, and stopped in front of our house to take one last look. We cried in excitement that the next time we saw this house we would be bringing home our family. It was the beginning of a great day.

We arrived in Labor and Delivery at Crouse Hospital, checked in at the front desk to find all my closest friends, coworkers, waiting for us(I worked as a nurse on labor and delivery for 6 years). It was like a huge birthday party hosted by my Obstetrician(Dr Ryu) and he was dropping off the biggest gift of all.

I will never forget that feeling I experienced once those babies where placed in my arms in the recovery room that beautiful morning. All the feelings of fear, stress, anxiety, sadness, hurt, and anger that built up over the 3 years prior while we struggled with the challenges we faced with infertility where washed away in a tidal wave of tears. At one time it was so difficult to imagine this moment as it seemed it may never happen and all of the sudden here it was, here they where. Our beautiful babies.

Dr Kiltz created a miracle for us that day. He creates miracles for so many people. Thank you for a day I will never forget. Every time I read your daily intentions I bring myself back to that day and remind myself of the reason I was put on this earth…to be a great mom. When becoming a mom seemed so impossible, too much of a challenge for me to handle, you and your wonderful staff where there to show me the way.

Here is a picture of my children and I on our first family vacation…one of so many future memories just waiting to happen. Thank you for helping us become a family.

All our Love,

Allyson, Frank,
Nicolas & Francesca

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