Our Dream… Doubled!
Posted by: Editor on Aug 10, 2013 in News, Success Stories

I have always fostered an innate desire to be a mom. Sure, when I was little and people asked the proverbial question–“What do you want to be when you grow up?”–I spewed back the typical responses one might expect from a five year old: teacher, veterinarian, Power Ranger. However, what I always REALLY pictured myself doing as an adult were the things I saw my own mother doing everyday: playing with, loving, and caring for her children.

However, after years of no periods as an adolescent and two years of “not trying, but not NOT trying” with my husband, I knew my dream might be one of the “pipe” variety. After seeing several doctors, my husband and I were finally referred to Dr. Rob’s Syracuse office. I was quickly diagnosed with PCOS, and we began the long journey toward getting pregnant. We dealt with a lot of procedures, a lot of disappointments, and a lot of pain–both physical and emotional. Yet in those trying times, we also had the fortune of dealing with a caring and competent team of doctors and–honestly–the most compassionate nursing staff I have ever had the fortune of encountering. There’s no other word for it: We felt incredibly LOVED throughout our entire fertility journey. And now we get to share that love with our handsome, hilarious, miraculous twin boys.

Dr. Rob, Dr. Greene, and their staff encouraged us to never lose hope, and our persistence (and their advice) paid off in the best way possible. After numerous unsuccessful procedures, we finally fell pregnant–with TWINS, no less–on our fifth IVF transfer. Our boys, Trystan and Oliver, were born at 29 weeks and 5 days on November 19, 2012. In keeping with the theme of their conception, they did MIRACULOUSLY well in the NICU and came home with us after only 42 days. We will be forever grateful to Dr. Rob and everyone at the Syracuse office. Call me cheesy, but they literally made my dream come true…

…times two 😉

Thank you!!


One response to “Our Dream… Doubled!”

  1. Janice B says:

    Hi Sam,

    Just wanted to congratulate you on your two precious little ones! We faced a similar journey to yours, and thanks to CNY finally were pregnant with our precious daughter! She was born at a very early 24 weeks, and so your story caught my eye even more, being a preemie parent myself! So glad to hear your cuties did so well in the nicu!! My daughter is now almost 3 and both of these journeys feel so long ago … what a blessing we have in our children!!


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