Our bonus baby!
Posted by: admin on Dec 16, 2010 in Success Stories

We welcomed our third child into the world in June. It seems unreal that we are the parents of a five year old, a three year old, and this new little boy when just a few short years ago we thought we’d never have a baby at all! I’m still so enthralled by all of our kids. Every day, they amaze and delight us. We are so thankful that they are here.

Last summer, after two successful pregnancies, I suffered my third miscarriage. The first two miscarriages had happened before our oldest child was born. This one felt devastating because we thought we had the secret bullet with the protocol of heparin and aspirin. But, we still lost the baby.

I wondered at the time if I was just pushing the envelope and wanting too much by trying for the third child. Maybe I was too old (36) or just out of luck. Dr. Rob spent some time with me, listening and helping me sort out my thoughts. I shared those conversations with my husband and we decided to try one more time. I got pregnant right away and the protocol helped us to maintain the pregnancy and now here we are with our bonus baby!

Thank you CNY Fertility Clinic staff for making our dreams come true and for making us feel so well cared for. You are truly superior medical personnel and we will continue to pray for your happiness and well-being all the days of our lives.

With deep gratitude,
Julie and Paul, Ragan, Trey , and baby Sean

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