On the Morning Drive


Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning!  Dr. Rob.  Another awesome day!.  How are you doing?  Starting the day up early . . . every day.  And grateful to be participating in life in all of the challenges of life.  We’re not fighting anything.  We’re just “arting” life –that means that in life there are going to be challenges that you come across.  You’re going to decide whether to cross or stay on the other side.  Do it always with love, gratitude and be genuine and honest.  There are all opinions and sides to life.  We all see the same thing. – wow!  differently.  That’s okay.
Some see it as restrictive and the need to close others out. And others see it as inclusive, open and bringing all together. These are all human sides.  We all reach the same destination.  While we’re here, we’re on our learning mission of life—learning about what others think and say.  Remember there’s no other think and say, it’s only us and our perception of what’s happening.
That’s the simple, hardest point:  we’re here on the journey and it is perfect.  Everything that comes about is perfect in the light of life.  The gift is that we’re alive.  Wherever you’re at and whatever you’re doing, just have faith in His way.  Not to hold judgment against or anger, fear or worry—although you may feel and know those things.  Take a breath.  Know that He knows.  We are here to work to make us all whole and one and the very best.  On that journey, it just seems like the river is always changing or it’s drying out, or there’s a flood in your life.  All part of God’s gift.
The sun will come out tomorrow.  In the meantime, let’s be grateful for the dark.  Be grateful for the shadows and the clouds, the mist and the rain and storms, and the clarity of the day.  And only one thing:  a breath.  It’s fine.  Enjoy the moment where you’re at right now.  Stand still.  God’s gift is that you are there.  Wherever.  Right now.  Not tomorrow, next week or next year.  But now. Today. Slow down.
As I’m taking my usual morning ride.  This morning on Coon Hill and a few deer just mosied across the road.  I slow down.  And then I speed up at an appropriate speed for the conditions, although I know each of us go a little bit faster than the conditions or are doing things that take our attention off the driving moment.  We’re on the drive of life.  Get out of the back seat or even the passenger/right seat. Get over to the American left seat (but I guess in other parts of the world, it’s the right seat).  When I fly my plane, either side can be the pilot.  Pilot, steward, driver . . .
You will say things and do things that others will push against. But remember, it’s the force of life.  Friction is necessary for all things.  Heat through friction.  Even that crazy thing called orgasm is through friction, that’s necessary for all of us in reproduction.  Not to run away from the concept of what it is and we are, somehow.  It’s what God creates. Although we want to shun against war, but we are war-like animals. We work to bring the higher power.  Maybe it’s to learn to know our enemy.  The art of life.  The art of everything.  This is just an art project.
I’m Dr. Rob Kiltz.  I’m just another guy on this journey like all of us.  Just thoughts of the day.  Nothing special.  But yet it’s all special that we are even having a conversation and sharing words from anywhere in the world.  God Bless to you.
Dr. Rob.  Check out Mind Body Smile.  Share your thoughts and ideas and help each and every one of us with asking, “Who are you?” God Bless.

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