October 2014 Support Group Sessions
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pumpkin seedsThis October, we are welcoming fall with many great support sessions!  Our regular Circle of Hope Support Group sessions in Syracuse and Albany will occur, and both groups are welcoming many new members after we have had multiple positive pregnancies recently move on from our center. This is the perfect time for you to join, as many other new clients will be testing the support group waters over the next few months.

Syracuse Circle of Hope will meet Tuesday, October 14th from 7:30p-8:30p.

Albany Circle of Hope will meet Tuesday, October 14th from 5:3op-6:45p.

Albany PCOS Support Group will meet Saturday, October 25th from 12:30p-1:30p.


Fertile Secret Workshop: Yoga for Fertility:

Yoga for Fertility and Support at CNY FertilityAdditionally, each month we offer a free Fertile Secret Workshop and during the month of October we will focus on Yoga for Fertility. Workshop dates per location can be found here, along with more information about the value of Yoga on your journey to fertility.

We have many more events for you throughout the remainder of the month. Be sure to check our CNY Fertility and CNY Healing Arts calendars.


Interactive Fertility Support Webinar:

Every few months, we like to dedicate one of our support events to honoring a miscarriage.  This is a time to check in with how you are coping with your grief, and reassess how you are feeling on your fertility journey.  Whether your loss is recent or it occurred a few years ago, this month’s Interactive Fertility Support Webinar is a great opportunity for you to connect with yourself and where you are in grief.


Did you know that we started  new Private Facebook Fertility and Pregnancy Groups for current clients?  We also have groups for Secondary Infertility and Pregnancy Loss. Here, you can find a safe and secure space to share with other women and men facing similar challenges.  You can get immediate support and feedback!  If you are interested in joining, please message Lisa Stack within the Patient Portal

If you are interested in a more private one-on-one support situation, Lisa Stack is our CNY Fertility Center Support Coordiator, she offers her services as a lay support person and can be contacted by email at if you are not yet a client or via the Patient Portal if you are a current client.

Request Consultation or Appointment

If you are a new patient and would like an initial fertility consultation, in-office or over the phone, please visit this link and fill out our New Appointment Form or call us toll free at 800-539-9870.

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