Nutrition for Fertility Workshop Summary


Heather Neely, RDIn case you weren’t able to attend the recent Nutrition for Fertility Workshop we wanted to share some of the helpful information here.
On Saturday, June 20th, CNY Healing Arts Center in Syracuse, NY hosted a workshop entitled, “Nutrition and Fertility”.  We had a great turn out, and hopefully everyone left with a little bit of information that will help them on their fertility journey.
I started off by talking about how important nutrition is in increasing your chances of becoming pregnant.  This included the need to increase your nutrient stores of certain vitamins and minerals before becoming pregnant, as well as taking a prenatal vitamin that contains adequate iron, folic acid and Omega-3 fatty acids.  I then moved on to what foods contain the vitamins and minerals that are necessary for fertility.  Tips and hints were provided to help the women fit these foods into their daily diets. Not only did we talk about what foods to include, but also things that women who are trying to become pregnant need to stay away from.  I briefly talked about the “Eastern Diet” and some alternative fertility diet ideas, such as wheatgrass juice.
The last topic that I touched on was just how beneficial being at an “ideal” weight is for fertility.  I discussed the disadvantages of being overweight, as well as underweight, and how it can affect how the body ovulates.  Exercise, stress reduction and other lifestyle changes were also encouraged.
We concluded our workshop with a question and answer session.  The women had excellent questions and seemed very enthusiastic about what they learned.  They left with handouts on the importance of Omega-3 fatty acids, Pregnancy facts and several recipes that tie into nutrition and fertility (click here for a sample recipe).  As always, I am available for individual counseling sessions.  Together we can see what is lacking in your diet and develop a meal plan that can get you on your way to becoming pregnant.  Call the CNY Healing Arts Center at 315-671-5755 to schedule an appointment.
Heather Neely, RD
CNY Healing Arts Center