November Circle of Hope and PCOS group meetings combined


November 13th, 6-7:30PM this combined Support Group Meeting will enjoy a guest speaker, Meg Sullivan. The meeting will be held in the waiting area of the Syracuse CNY Fertility Center.
Crisis within a Crisis: Coping tips for Couples enduring the chronic stress of Infertility
Guest Speaker: Meg Sullivan, MA. LMSW
Please join us for an evening of community brought together for the common purpose of Healing the chronic relationship strain inherent in the process of conceiving with ART. Learn why couples often polarize when they need each other the most and ways to overcome this knee jerk reaction to overwhelming stress. Discuss the often gender-related differences in coping skills and ways to bridge in to common understanding.  A diagnosis of infertility and the experience of miscarriage are referred to as multidimensional losses which deeply affect the psyche, body, mind, sould and identity. At this support meeting we will create an experience of multi-dimensional healing that will instill in you a new idea, energy, and/or behavior to improve your response to stress, loss and the pain of not knowing what lies ahead.
Meg Sullivan, MA, LMSW is a clinical social worker dedicated to the education and practice of the mind-body-spirit orientation in diverse medical, psychiatric and religious settings. Meg teaches practicies that calm the mind, rejuvenate the body, and connect with the soul in ways that people find empowering. Her work involves a blend of clinical knowledge and ancient practices that develop inner resources and create a healing process.
* For more information or to RSVP please contact Meg Marnell via e-mail