New Embryo Donor Profiles: Interested in Exploring an Embryo Donor Cycle?


Egg Donor Program, CNY Fertility CenterEmbryo Donation is another option available to CNY Fertility clients seeking to either create, or expand their families.
Often when families undergo IVF treatments, they are left with remaining fertilized eggs (embryos). This can place the parents in a difficult position when they begin to discuss what to do with the remaining embryos. The previous options available have been to donate the remaining embryos to research, keep them frozen, or to dispose of them. We are now able to add a fourth option, Embryo Donation.
The concept of the Embryo Donation Program is to match the remaining embryos to recipient parents who are interested in the concept of adoption, but would also like to carry the child and establish a special bond over the nine month gestational period.
Medical backgrounds of each biological parent are available for the recipient couple. This allows the recipient couple to choose the embryos they feel would be most suitable for the family they wish to create.
We invite you to browse the Embryo Profiles below, this list was updated Monday, March 17, 2014. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to proceed with an Embryo Donor Cycle. You can call our office toll free 1.855.CNY.EGGS and ask to speak with Patricia Breh or send an email to: Learn more about our Embryo Donor Cycle Fees here.
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