Natural Fertility Planning

Are you thinking of trying to start or grow your family, but want a little more information before you take the next step?  Or, have you been trying for a few months, but you’re not ready to seek any treatments? Have you delayed child-bearing for your own personal reasons? We’d like to help.

Our Natural Fertility Planning program gives you the opportunity to assess your current fertility through simple testing for both partners or for yourself if you don’t have a partner.  After your testing is complete, you will have either an in-person or phone follow up session with one of our providers to discuss your results and create a natural fertility plan.  This plan will include recommendations for timing intercourse, lifestyle adjustments, and vitamins/supplements to support your fertility and when to seek the assistance of a reproductive specialist.


With this program, we are able to schedule comprehensive bloodwork and a vaginal ultrasound with one of our nurses.  We will also schedule a HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) and semen analysis, when it works for you.  Approximately 4 weeks after your bloodwork and testing, we will schedule your Natural Fertility Planning consultation with one of our providers to discuss your results and make our assessment.


The fee for this package is $500, and includes:

-Initial appointment with a nurse for your vaginal ultrasound and bloodwork(AMH, Baseline bloods)


-Semen Analysis

-Natural Fertility Planning Consultation


If you are interested in learning more, or scheduling your initial appointment, please feel free to contact us: 1-800-539-9870

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