National Infertility Awareness Week IVF Grant/Giveaway



As part of National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) and #flipthescript with Resolve, we are calling everyone to raise their voice to combat the stigma associated with infertility, increase public awareness, and spread fertility treatment coverage. To encourage your voice, CNY Fertility is proud to continue our monthly IVF Grants with our 4th IVF GIVEAWAY of 2018.

Before we get started, we would like to offer a big thanks to our partners: IntegrityRX, Theralogix, and Maplewood Suites for helping bring a more complete fertility care package to the winner.

Because of our partners, the winner of our IVF Giveaway will also receive $1000 gift card to IntegrityRX for fertility medications, Preconception Fertility Supplements brought to you by Theralogix, and free accommodation at Maplewood Suites (if the winner is coming from out of the area)!

Now, for the ever so important rules and details: 

The winner will be selected randomly, but it will be checked to make sure all of the rules were followed appropriately.

Eligibility and submission:

To enter yourself for a chance to win our National Infertility Awareness Week IVF Grant/Giveaway you MUST do the following by April 28th at 11:59 PM PST

  • like and comment on the post with the above graphic on Instagram.
  • Like/follow our Instagram page (if you already are following us, then you are all set!)
  • share your (in)fertility story in a video on Facebook/Instagram tagging at least one member of your state senate/upper house of your state’s legislature (for instance, if you live in New York – one of these people You must also include #ivfgiveawaycny in the post so the video can be easily found.
    • The video MUST be your story as pertaining to you trying to conceive, fertility treatments, and/or why you feel it is important for us to speak up about fertility issues.
    • If your video is longer than 1 minute, you will need to post it as a “Slide Show” on Instagram. If you are unfamiliar with how to post a slideshow, please read: and visit
      • note, with doing “slide show,” you will need multiple copies of the video in your photo app on your phone. For instance, if your video is 2 minutes and 30 seconds that will be split into 3 slides on Instagram and you will need 3 copies of the video in your photo album.

What the randomly selected winner receives:

  • One Free IVF Cycle
    • This Includes: Oocyte Retrieval, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Assisted Hatching, Embryo Transfer, and Cryopreservation and storage of Surplus Embryos for a period of one year following the fresh IVF Cycle.
    • What is not included: Monitoring, medications, FETs ($250/transfer), Donor Egg, Donor Sperm, Donor Embryos.
  • A $1000 Gift Certificate for your fertility medications purchased at IntegrityRX.
  • All Theralogix Fertility Supplements that Dr. Kiltz recommends for the entirety of the cycle corresponding to this IVF Giveaway.
  • A free stay in a Single Queen Efficiency Room (up to 3 people) at Maplewood Suites in Syracuse, NY for your treatment if you are coming from out of the area beginning the day before your egg retrieval and ending the day after your embryo transfer if you are staying for a fresh transfer and beginning the day before your egg retrieval and embryo transfer and ending the day after your egg retrieval and embryo transfer should you be doing a frozen embryo transfer. Blackout dates apply and are subject to change. Current blackout dates include but are not limited to May 11th-13th, May 15th-23rd, and June 1st-3rd.
    • Due to the blackout dates, CNY Fertility will be happy to schedule your treatment cycle around these days to the best of our ability to assure you receive the free accommodation as part of this giveaway.
    • Free Accommodation is good for one treatment cycle. Accommodation will not be provided for multiple Frozen Embryo Transfers.


  • Submissions will end at 11:59 PM PST on April 28th. The winner will be selected on or by May 1st.
  • Only 1 submission/post per person.
  • Partners (husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc) CAN apply separately.
  • The IVF Cycle CANNOT be transferred to a friend or family member other than your partner/significant other.
  • If you submitted a video using #ivfgiveawaycny you MUST submit a new video
  • You must schedule your initial consultation with one of our CNY Fertility Center locations within 6 months of the completion of this giveaway. You will not be charged for this consultation if your insurance does not provide you coverage.
  • If you are a past CNY Fertility Client you will need to come in for a follow-up appointment within 6 months of the completion of this giveaway.
  • You must start your Free IVF cycle within 1 year of the completion of this giveaway.
  • If the winner is a current CNY Client, the Free Cycle cannot be applied retroactively and you must be in good financial standing with our billing department.

More about our partners:


Integrity Rx was conceived on the notion of combining customized, compassionate care to our Fertility patients. 24/7 access to our highly trained fertility pharmacists and nurses who provide friendly and professional services and work diligently to provide a stress free experience for our patients. Offering highly competitive national pricing, discounted manufacturer plans, and additional cost savings programs. Free overnight shipping available in most cases.


CNY Fertility Center has chosen to partner with Theralogix® to offer a comprehensive line of evidence-based, independently tested and certified nutritional supplements. Theralogix supplements have been approved by a Medical Advisory Board comprised of nationally reputed physicians and scientists after a detailed review of the most recently published scientific data. Speak with your CNY Fertility specialist to learn more or head to to buy yours today at a slight discount through CNY Fertility.

Maplewood Suites:

Maplewood Suites is our premier hotel partner providing accommodations for our out of town clients in the Syracuse area for only $99/night. As included in all of their stays, Maplewood Suites provides our clients with free transportation to and from the airport, CNY Fertility, and between any entertainment/restaurant/etc and the hotel (not from one entertainment location to the next) within 5 miles of the Hotel.

Additionally, Maplewood Suites provides complimentary breakfast, afternoon snacks, 24/7 Starbucks coffee, and two free drinks (non-alcoholic during your treatment at CNY) per day from their restaurant lounge.



*No Cash Value for any of the winnings

*CNY Fertility is not responsible for upholding any of the partner gifts/giveaway offerings.

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