National Infertility Awareness Week IVF Giveaway


We are excited to announce our IVF Giveaway for National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW). 

In order to enter, you must email the following with subject line: NIAW GIVEAWAY to no later than 11:59 EST on April 28:

  • Your name (and your partner’s name – if applicable). 
  • Your age (and your partner’s age – if applicable).
  • A summary (no longer than 100 words) of your story (ie. how long you have been trying to have a child, what treatments you have already had, etc).
  • A summary (no longer than 200 words) of how you bring awareness to infertility or support others suffering from infertility.
  • A video attachment (no longer than 2 minutes in length) that briefly summarizes your story, what you do to bring awareness to infertility/help others suffering from infertility, and what winning would mean for you.
  • IT WILL ALSO BE HELPFUL TO ATTACH LINKS TO A BLOG/SOCIAL MEDIA OR DOCUMENTATION to support any notable efforts you make in spreading awareness.

Note, only one entry per couple. The recipient will be selected on or around May 1st and will receive:

1 IVF Cycle: Oocyte Retrieval, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Assisted Hatching, a Fresh Embryo Transfer, and Cryopreservation of Surplus Embryos with storage of frozen embryos for a period of one year following the fresh IVF cycle.

Accommodation at the Maplewood Suites for up to 8 nights if coming from out of the area and needing accommodation. 

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