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I started my journey in the fall of 2012. After thinking long and hard I decided I wanted to be a single mom by choice. I was scared to call, but I did, and came in for my initial consultation around Thanksgiving. As I was touring the building, I ran into Dr. Kiltz by surprise. He introduced himself and confidently told me to “keep faith, it’ll happen.” Throughout the entire process I held onto that moment, and it helped me when I was feeling discouraged. On my way out I saw an entire wall of holiday photo cards of families CNY Fertility helped create. I thought look at all those beautiful families they made possible. It was amazing, and I felt so hopeful. On the other hand I felt sad; will I ever be able to send a card of my own family someday? I can’t tell you how happy I was to make holiday cards with my son this year!

Upon my initial exam a large fibroid was discovered in my uterus. After a few test it was determined we weren’t able to continue until it was removed and we scheduled a surgery for February. When I woke up from surgery Dr. Kiltz told me after removing the first one he discovered another fibroid behind the first one just as large. He told me we had to schedule a second surgery. I was devastated and discouraged! I thought my obstacle was being single, not fibroids. But I moved forward and tried to stay positive. I remembered what Dr. Kiltz said about having faith. I told myself just because it wasn’t happening now didn’t mean it would never happen. In April I had a second surgery and the last fibroid was removed successfully.
On my third round of IUI I conceived. I found out on October 3rd 2013 I was pregnant and it was one of the happiest days of my life. I think of the staff at CNY Fertility often and am so thankful for all of you. You treated me with such kindness. On May 31st 2014 I gave birth to my son Morrison Page Evans. There are no words to express my gratitude. This holiday season I want to thank you for what is the best gift ever, my baby boy!!

~~ Nicole

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