Mini-IVF on the Rise: An Affordable Option with Great Potential

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article highlighting the growing popularity of Mini-IVF.  At CNY Fertility Center, with locations in Syracuse, Albany, and Rochester, NY, we are proud to offer Mini-IVF as an affordable option to our clients, with great potential for success.  Mini-IVF and traditional IVF differ in medication protocol prior to egg retrieval.  Mini-IVF, or minimal stimulation IVF, uses fewer and more mild medications.  This results in fewer follicles produced, minimizing the risk for multiples, and saving clients significant money on medictions.
This unique protocol is something to consider if you are finding that the cost of medications for a traditional IVF cycle is limiting your options.  This is also a good option for those who would like to minimize the risk of multiples, or amount of medications used.  For more information on our Mini-IVF protocol, please see these two informative articles:  Are you thinking of doing a Mini-IVF? and Mini-IVF:  What is It and Why Should I Try It?
We welcome you to schedule a consultation or follow up talk to discuss all of your options, and create a unique protocol suited to your needs.  You are also welcome to contact our Financial Team at any time to discuss your costs and insurance coverage:
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