Men & Their Emotions on the Journey to Fertility

Men deal with an array of emotions on the path to fertility with their partner.  For some men, however, it may be difficult to express these emotions with others which can lead to them to isolation.
Men tend to be problem solvers, and with fertility challenges, this can bring on many different feelings such as frustration, anger, denial, guilt, helplessness, inadequacy, fear, or anxiety.  For some, they may take the fertility issues personally and see their bodies as failing them.  For men and their partners, the thought of not carrying on their family heritage through children can lead to feelings of sadness or loss.
All of this in turn can affect the relationships with his partner, as men may be struggling with such feelings and tend to retreat and repress emotions for fear of being misunderstood by others.  This can further upset the situation, as typically, it is a time when the females tend to need a deeper emotional connection and support.
Ways of overcoming these feelings may include giving men a sense of empowerment.  One way to do this is to learn about the various fertility treatment options that are available for couples desiring families.
Another option is support networks which help to tear down the walls of isolation by letting them know that they are not alone on the fertility path.  When one couple meets another couple who are having challenges as well, it can help to strengthen both couples’ bonds by going through the process together.
Finding ways to calm the mind such as Yoga and/or partner yoga and attending workshops and events that are geared towards helping couples through the fertility process can provide an amazing sense of direction and inner peace.  Meditation/quiet time also allows men to open up to new possibilities and helps to empower them and see the light on the journey to a successful outcome.
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