Meditation for Fertility Recording: Bringing Beauty into Your Day
Posted by: Editor on Jul 27, 2013 in News

CNY Fertility Center's Fertility MeditationsAt CNY Fertility Center we implement an integrative approach to fertility care and offer each client many options to implement this including yoga, acupuncture, massage and meditation. Each month we provide the opportunity for you to join us for a Fertile Secret Workshop that is offered at each of our centers (Syracuse, Albany and Rochester) at no charge to you. In August 2013 the Fertile Secret Workshops will focus on Meditation for Fertility. Please visit our online calendars to check out the date and time of the workshops being held at the center nearest to you. Below is an example of a Meditation for Fertility recording from a recent webinar.

Bringing Beauty into Your Day:
The world can often pass us by so quickly, when we are focused on one very important goal.  This meditation will help you to slow down and recognize the beauty around you, as you still make progress on your goal of conceiving.  Additionally, the beauty observed will become incorporated into your being, offering accessible beauty at any time. Find a comfortable place to relax, click on the arrow below to listen and enjoy.

Meditation for Fertility: June 2013

We have a library of all of our previous Meditation for Fertility audio recordings located online here. We invite you to visit this page often whenever you feel the need to slow down, take a breath, relax and rejuvenate. Also, many of our meditations are available on iTunes – enjoy!


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