Meditation for Fertility: Out of My Hands


CNY Fertility Center's Fertility MeditationsEvery month, CNY Fertility Center holds an Evening Meditation & Relaxation Webinar for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home and the recording of our March 2013 session is below.
Out of My Hands:
Holding yourself responsible for everything that happens with your fertility adds an incredible amount of unfair pressure.  When it comes to your fertility, there is actually very little that you have control over.  Recognizing that most of your journey is out of your hands can free you to focus your energy on what you can improve, diet, exercise, and more peaceful thoughts.  This mantra and meditation focuses on recognizing what is out of your hands, and offers a peaceful practice of releasing unnecessary pressure.  Pregnancy loss, egg quality, age, financial/insurance restrictions, and sperm count/quality are all factors that you have very little control over, and this meditation will help you to release yourself from this burden.
Get comfortable, sit back or lay down, relax and press the arrow to begin listening.
March 2013
If you would like to explore more meditation opportunities, visit this link and you will find many recordings to enjoy from previous months. Additionally, our February Meditation Webinar will be taking place on Thursday, May 23rd at 7pm. Visit this link to register to join Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator, for her monthly Evening Meditation and Relaxation webinar.
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