Leaving the Starting Line


Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning!  Dr. Rob.  It’s another awesome and amazing day.  How are you doing?  I’m starting the day early again.  It’s easy starting the day.  For there is no finish line you see.   I’m listening to Jon Acuff.  How do you get from ordinary to awesome when you keep on worrying about the finish line? Acuff says, “Just start!”
In truth, there’s just a series of starting lines for life, no finish line.  There’s no place to get to because it’s just being at the starting line again and again.  Leaving the starting line is really the trick of life.  If you’re just sitting and sitting and sitting and worried about the finish line, you’ll never make it.  We never make it.  There is never always, and always never.  The finish line doesn’t exist. It’s simply a matter of starting the day:  getting up; moving forward; and setting up the vision of the joy of the day—the perfection and beauty of all that there is.  It’s just part of participating in life.  It’s simple, right?
It’s a thought, not an action.  It’s not motion. It’s the thought of the day.  I know.  You know.  The thought is always perfect, beautiful, and wonderful, gracious, kind, and good.  How easy and wonderful life is!  We all know that.  We’re alive and that’s the gift -through reading and listening and writing and sharing and kindness and joy and smiles.  We all will get bumps once we’ve left the starting line, falls and scrapes too.  Sometimes we will veer off the track into the sand pit, or maybe we’ll have to grab the javelin or go over the high jump, but you’re out there participating and that’s all that matters.  It may be different than what you know, but do it today!
I’m listening to Jon Acuff and enjoying Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters.  That’s it.  Be one that leaves the starting line. Leave it.  Get away from the starting line because it’s just a place where you’ve been sitting on the couch and watching and waiting for something to happen.  It’s about actually leaving the starting line.  And then there’s just another series of starting lines that follow.  In fact, there’s no winning, no finishing, no what next or never, there’s just today.
Enjoy the day. This is Dr. Rob.  It’s another awesome and amazing day because we’re in the alive category.  Remember, an evening meal is the best.  Lots of fat, because fatty foods is where it’s at.  Get rid of the carbs – 70/20/10.  But when you’re really in the sweet spot, it’s more like 70/30, so that means 70% of your calories are from saturated animal fat – bacon, butter, beef.  Throw in some coconut and avocado too.  If you need a little bit of the green stuff – just a little bit—that’s okay.  But get away from all the processed foods and milk because it’s sugar that does that damage.  Start the Keto-Paleo.
This is Dr. Rob.  Enjoy the day. God Bless!

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