Katie turns 1!
Posted by: admin on Dec 16, 2010 in Success Stories

Dr. Kiltz,
Our blessing, Katie Rose, is about to turn one and I can’t help but sit and think about the joy she has brought to our lives. While we weren’t with you as long as some of your other patients, we were always made to feel like family from our first visit. It’s amazing to think that we were basically a fertile disaster. We had everything going against us and very little in our favor except for you and the power of positive thinking. With that and your help we were able to get pregnant with our daughter on our first try of IVF. Within a span of 30 days we went from having to consider never having our our children to hearing the nurse say we had a positive result. Very few people in this world can appreciate what it means to be a parent when you’ve once been told that would not be an option for you. You are the one who makes that dream come true for so many people and as I sit and watch my daughter flourish every day, I offer up a prayer of thanks for not only my beautiful gift but for you and your staff at CNY Fertility Center who helped us get there.

Gretchen and Jason

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