June 4th, 2013: Egg Donors Cycling and Available to Additional Recipients
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Donor Egg and Embryo Cycles - CNY Fertility CenterWe have many CNY Fertility Center Success Stories and wanted to share a couple that are a result of choosing the Donor Cycle option:

Lisa’s Story: Blessed with Twins! – click here to read

Brenda’s Story: Blessed – click here to read

Below you can see a list of egg donors who will be starting an egg donor cycle in the next month or two.  If you are a current CNY Fertility Center client – at our Syracuse, Albany or Rochester location – and have completed all of your testing and are interested in cycling with any of these donors please contact your donor coordinator. All of our egg donor profiles can be reviewed through your Patient Portal.

If you are interested in cycling with one of the donors on our list below but are not a current CNY Fertility Center client, we welcome you to contact our office and we can discuss the process with you. If you have any interest in becoming an egg donor, or know of someone that may be interested, visit this link for more information.

Donor Team Contact Info:

Phone – 1.855.CNY.Eggs
Email – Allyson at


Embryo Donor IDMale ProfileFemale ProfileNumber of Frozen EmbryosMale HeightMale WeightMale Eye ColorMale Hair ColorMale EducationMale Ethnic BackgroundFemale HeightFemale WeightFemale Eye ColorFemale Hair ColorFemale EducationFemale Ethnic Background


We also have new embryo donor profiles. If you are interested in exploring an Embryo Donor Cycle, please contact Pati at

Current Clinic Services and Profile       
Current Name:CNY Fertility Center
Donor egg?YesGestational carriers?YesSART Member?Yes
Donor embryo?YesCryopreservation?YesVerified lab accreditation?Yes
Single Women?Yes


Thank you!
CNY Fertility Center’s Donor Team


If you are interested in an initial fertility consultation either over the phone (if you live out of the NY State region) or in-office, please call our toll-free number at 800.539.9870 or request a consult here.

2 responses to “June 4th, 2013: Egg Donors Cycling and Available to Additional Recipients”

  1. Kelly says:

    Do you have any Afro-American descent eggs.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Kelly,

      Yes, we do have donors of African American descent. Please contact our donor team with any questions, or for more information about our donors.

      If you would like to schedule a complementary recipient consult (either by phone or in-person), please call our call center at 800-539-9870 x3274.

NOTICE:   If you are a new patient and would like an initial fertility consultation, in-office or over the phone, please visit this link and fill out the New Appointment Form or call us toll free at 800-539-9870. If you have questions or comments relating to this post, please contact our office.

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