IVF Mandate


Good morning, good morning. It’s Dr. Rob Kiltz. How are you doing today? It’s a beautiful day at CNY Fertility Centers in Upstate New York, but we’re seeing patients who live locally as well as statewide, nationally and globally. CNY Fertility is the most affordable IVF center in the nation, but it’s not just about IVF. We really focus on natural and nurturing methods, ways to reduce stress, how to change the physiology and metabolism of our bodies by reducing inflammation by simply changing what you eat.
Today is a very important day in New York State because the Assembly is voting on the bill to allow IVF or to help the families through making IVF affordable and accessible to all New York State citizens. Not only that, but also fertility preservation for those suffering from debilitating diseases such as cancer that may reduce or eliminate their fertility.
Helping families. That’s right. That’s what we’re about. Making babies. Get on the horn—the phone—and call your local state representatives and senators in your district and let them know how important your family is, your family’s families, your neighbor’s families, and our New York State families and to please vote “YES” on these bills to make IVF accessible and affordable and covered by insurance. Let’s make it the law. In order to make it this way, this is our system. It’s simple.
Be kind and courteous. Ask. Remember, if you don’t ask, it’s a “NO”. If you ask, you can get it. Inspire your representatives to help make New York State a place where people want to stay and come to because we recognize that family building is so important.
We have the links at CNY Fertility and we’re sending out emails to all of our clients. Please share it on social media to call your state senators and let them know that IVF, fertility preservation, family building and making babies are so important to you.
God Bless. This is Dr. Rob Kiltz. Have another awesome day!

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