IVF 6 Cycle Discount Plan


This plan includes: 6 fresh and frozen IVF cycles (frozen embryos must be transferred prior to a fresh cycle), including egg retrieval, embryo transfer, ICSI and hatching within a one year period, the freezing and storage of embryos for one year.
*This is not a refund plan.
If the client becomes pregnant and delivers a child prior to completing their sixth cycle, the plan will be considered complete.
*No criteria to be met.
This program is $13,500. Payment must be paid in full by bank check prior to the retrieval date.
Excluded from this plan (Per Cycle):
Anesthesia cost $400 (Due the day of retrieval)
Monitoring cost $500 if not covered by insurance
Medication cost approximately $3000
Pre-Natal lab work or ultrasounds
Storage of embryos $200 per year per cane
Storage of sperm $200 per year per cane
*Please contact our financial team if you are interested in this Six Cycle Discount Plan, or would like any further information. Email them at costs@cnyfertility.com.