Intermittent feeding on faith


We’ve talked so much about intermittent fasting, but maybe we should think of it in the opposite way–that we are intermittently FEEDING. Most of us fast for many hours during the day, then feed, fast, feed, fast, and then feed, in this idea that fasting is really healthy for us and really important. Reducing the amount of food in our bodies and our guts by eating once a day is really the most important thing you can do to change the physiology and metabolism within your body and reduce the immune system’s assault on your body. The human Ferrari, the human gem /diamond / ruby / Porsche / Bentley or whatever you want to call yourself, you are the most expensive, irreplaceable, valuable piece of equipment in the universe. You are this human being. YOU.
Eating the food that we’ve been taught to eat and marketed to believe is healthy may not be. With excessive carbohydrates and probably excessive protein and NOT eating fat is likely the cause of much of our disease. Changing our natural fats—that’s animal fat (pork fat, beef fat)—into plant fat and oils is also probably very detrimental to our bodies. This is a very opposite and controversial concept. The man-made devices – spears, axes, hatchets, knives, guns, cars – and the foods we eat through agriculture (grains, cereal, rice, pasta, bread, yogurt, milk, alcohol) are likely contributing factors to our ill-health. Although many of these things have no doubt made our lives easier. We no longer have to hunt, gather and forage.
Slow it down. Intermittent feeding, because our bodies are well-built by nature and we have consumed excessive calories which has put excessive fat on our bodies. But the fat is meant to be there for survival because we are meant to go weeks without food, days without water, and we’re meant to walk and journey. Maybe this is the shift and change in concept we have to look towards. Feed once a day or less, like a lion. We are not herbivores. We’re not grazers. We’re not meant to eat 3-5 meals a day, with snacks in between, filling the gut with tons of fiber and carbs that ferment and feed the bacteria and yeast causing more disease. This idea of adding more bacteria and yeast to our bodies is something that doesn’t make a tremendous amount of sense. Enough of the supplements and the potions which are likely the poisons.
SLOW IT DOWN! Eat one meal a day and make it at night before you go to bed and rest to digest. If you are a night owl then eat that early morning meal, then go to bed to rest and digest. Remember gratitude for the day is the most important thing. Be grateful for the life you have, the opportunities given to you each and every day. Never, ever give up. Always be looking toward new, and different, change, growth and creativity. That’s it.
Faith is fitness. Fitness is in the human body that you have already. We are all inevitably going to die so there is something that is going to kill us. You can’t stop that, but you can change the way you act, think, eat, and believe. That’s what this is all about. A new concept/idea of thinking. As a man thinketh (James Allen) . . .
Have faith and belief in the almighty, the energy that created you and me. You’re the daily creator of that and your master mission of your life. Believe in the best and the best will come. Believe in the best, and the best will be there right now. You don’t have to wait until later. Feast incessantly on the joy of God’s gift, called life. With a breath and smile every day in every way. Go slow and enjoy the journey. God’s journey. God’s life. Always. Forever.
Your body burns fat, that’s where it’s at. Fueling metabolism . . . more food is harmful. Your body is already burning what it needs. You and I are driven to go find food and eat, but we never had access to the food in the thousands of years of human existence.
We are sharing a new idea and creativity, this day and every day. The energy is vibrating within you, always. Daily meditation. Tai Chi. Go slow. Visualize health and wellness within you. Be grateful for God’s gift called life and all of the trials, tribulations and challenges. Be grateful, always! The gratitude attitude, that’s the key! You have the key to the universe. It is yours right now. A smile of life!
Fertile, fatty food are fitness. Intermittent feeding. That’s one meal a day, at night. Some coffee or tea. Add butter or cream. Slow it down. Visualize the success that you desire as if it is now, for it is technically, absolutely a slam dunk. You have it now because you are alive! Opportunities are abundant this day, every day, and always in your life. God’s blessing is with you this day and every day. Thank you, God.!
Enjoy this day. This is Dr. Rob Kiltz on this day of intermittent feeding and persistent faith. This is the way. God Bless!

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