Inspired: Participating in the Egg Donor Program

Although I never had difficulties becoming pregnant, I have been touched by the stories I’ve heard throughout my twenties of women unable to conceive, conceiving time and time again only for the pregnancy to end short with a miscarriage or women who decide a surrogate is the right choice for them and spend months upon months searching for the right woman to carry their child.
I have a five year old daughter who has been asking for a sibling since she was two. At that point I was in the middle of a divorce and knew that another child was not in the plan. So when I realized that I wanted to be pregnant again, but to help someone else’s dreams come true rather than to have a child of my own, I knew I would not be able to explain surrogacy to my two year old daughter. I had an amazing pregnancy and a spectacular 3-push delivery… which made it even more appealing to give the gift of carrying another woman’s child (because I wasn’t worried about the physical aspects of it). This is when I found out about Dr.Kiltz and CNY Fertility. They don’t offer a compensated surrogate program, but the oocyte donation program greatly appealed to me.
After meeting the staff at CNYF I am inspired to continue participating in the donor program. The first day I walked in for an appointment the receptionist responded to the patient at the counter with, “there isn’t a woman that comes in here any day that isn’t nervous”. I sat waiting for my name to be called thinking about that statement. Many of these women have been trying, hoping and praying to be blessed with a term pregnancy that ends with the birth of a healthy baby for years. By the time they get to the point of selecting a donor they have been through so much. I have not ridden the fertility rollercoaster ride that these women have been on, but I do know that when I am selected to be someone’s donor, no matter how difficult the process was previously, I feel delighted to do everything I can to help make pregnancy possible for the family that seleced me.
Thanks, Dr.Kiltz, for making the world a more hopeful and happier place!!