Injection Lesson Video for Menopur with Q-Cap


Hi!  My name is Lisa Stack, and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  Today, Teah is going to teach us how to inject Menopur with a Q-cap.

Teah:  Hi!  So, today, we’re going to do Menopur with a Q-cap.  So, you’ll start by preparing your items.  You’ll need one vial of Menopur if you’re on 75.  If you’re on 150, you’ll want two vials and one bottle of water.  You’ll have a syringe with a 25-gauge needle and then a smaller needle, 27-gauge, and then your Q-cap and then some alcohol.  So, to start we’ll want to flip off the tops from the medication and the water.  I’m going to show you today how to mix a 75 and a 150, so we’ll do both.

We’re going to clean the tops off with alcohol to start.  So these are set to go and I have my two powders and my one water.  We’re going to open the needle with the syringe and immediately take off the needle, so you’re just going to have your syringe.  Then, you’ll take your Q-cap and that has two sides.  There’s one to screw on and one sharp end to puncture.  So, you’ll want to screw the syringe onto the Q-cap and then you’ll pop it onto the water, like that; and then you’ll draw 1-ml or 1-cc of water, same thing.  Then you just have to pull until there is no air in there.  You want the top of your syringe to line up with the line of the 1.  Then you will pop this off.  If your dose is 75, one vial 75, so you would use the 1-ml and inject it into the vial of powder for 75.

Now, we’ll draw this back up and it’s so simple.  Pop this off.  If 75 were you’re dose, you’d remove the Q-cap, but I’m going to show you for 150.  We’ll take your second vial of powder, pop this on and put the mixed solution into the second vial of powder.  Then, we’re going to draw this up and completely empty out your little vial there.  We’re going to draw a little bit of air, and then we’re going to unscrew this, so we’re finished with all of these.  Now, it’s time to put the small needle on for injection.  We’ll take and put the small needle on, and then release this air bubble.  If you have any little remaining little air bubbles, you’ll just want to flick them with your finger or kind of tap them on a hard surface, so they rise to the top, and then you’re ready to inject with the small needle.

If you have any questions about dosage please call us toll free at 1-800-539-9870 and choose prompt #2. Administering the proper dosage is very important; we have a nurse available 24/7 at this number to assist you

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