Infertility and the Internet


While the internet is a vast resource for information on just about any topic, It’s important to be cautious when searching for medical advice or facts. Infertility sites are especially wrought with misinformation. Many patients that we speak with have read wild stories about infertility-related scenarios that simply aren’t true.
There are many valid, reliable websites that patients can use as a source of information. Chat rooms and message boards can be helpful for some issues, but can also be detrimental because the people posting the information are usually not infertility care professionals.
CNY Fertility Center offers a specific message board hosted by our sister site CNY Healing Arts. On our message board is a special posting area which is moderated by CNY Fertility Center staff called “Medical Questions for Medical Staff”. To learn more, or sign up for the message boards click here.
To help with internet queries, we have listed a few useful, informative and accurate websites.

CNY Fertility’s website where you can access a multitude of information
about IVF and our center, including information on our monthly support groups, message boards and fertile friends program.

The official website for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. There is a special section devoted to patients with FAQ’s and other relevant information.

American Infertility Association is a patient advocacy group and also
offers a message board answered by an infertility specialist.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Reproductive Health
Information Source. This website hosts pregnancy statistics from all reporting IVF centers in the USA.