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Posted by: Editor on Nov 03, 2014 in News, Success Stories

Tubal Reversal Success Story at CNY Fertility

I had my tubes clamped in 2007. Then I met a married my husband in Aug 2013. We decided that we wanted more children. I was concerned my age (31 at the time) and the fact that I had a tubal ligation would work against us. But I threw caution to the wind for the opportunity to have a child with my husband. So in April 2013 I had a reversal. They told me that it appeared one tube had too much scar tissue but it looked as if the other side was open. I had to reurn for a dye test and “yay” the dye showed my tube was open. Now my husband and I agreed not to try til after the wedding (I had the surgery in April to be sure I had a good amount of healing time). So we began trying on our honeymoon Sep 1, 2013. My period was right after our honeymoon so nope. Then Octobers period came as planned. But then on 11/12/2013 I took a positive pregnancy test. And on July 23, 2014 we welcomed our daughter Charlie. So Dr. Kiltz obviously does good work. I had one functioning tube I was over 30 years old and within 2 months of trying was pregnant.

~~ Alicia

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