I have never been happier!!
Posted by: Editor on Jan 01, 2015 in News, Success Stories


I just celebrated my son’s 1st year birthday! I cannot begin to express how grateful my husband & I are to CNY for giving us this perfect little miracle that we call son. Our lives have forever been altered by the amazing experience we had at the facility, not to mention becoming parents! You have gone above & beyond and we are forever in your debt! I give kudos to the Albany/Latham staff whenever I talk about the excellent care we received.
We were devastated to learn that my husband could not have children the traditional way – something he had been born with – a specialist at The Cleveland Clinic was finally able to tell us what the issue was after 2 years of trying, tests, etc. (my husband is a saint!) And with my 40th birthday approaching, we did not have a lot of time.
We know how lucky we are & how blessed to have found a place like CNY, and to have our IVF procedure work out so perfectly.
So thank you CNY & Dr. Grossman for everything!!

** We will be seeing you next month for a chance at our second baby – I wouldn’t go anywhere else!


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