Human FERRARI 101


Good morning, good morning, this is Dr. Rob Kiltz. How are you doing today? It’s another awesome and amazing day. I’m just sharing some thoughts and insights on your health and wellness.

It is the most amazing thing that we are alive and were born. That’s the magic and the miracle, truly. We typically go around in life with fear, worry, regret, and judgment about all things. The real trick is to simply step back and have faith that the Great Creator who created you and I always knows what He / She / It is doing. Our job and challenge are to step and move forward in the fear of life and have faith, for it evolves and restores the most amazing ideas of life. Remember, problems are the presence of the universe, the present moment, now, as Eckhart Tolle says in The Power of Now. Life is the power of today, and you and I are alive today. If you’re listening to or reading these words, it is today, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but TODAY!

The Ferrari is the automobile that we so admire. It’s expensive, valuable, irreplaceable, but those of us who might own one, begin to drive it, ride it, and care for it like we are race car drivers on the Indianapolis 500 track, but in fact, we are showroom Ferraris. By slowing it down and keeping the pedal off the metal, we can enjoy and tour this beautiful, miracle existence called life. That means slow it down every day. Live life with the frown turned upside down. Put a smile on your face! It stimulates the molecules of the body to vibrate in a more positive way every day.

The Ferrari is fueled with super fuel. In the human body, it’s called fat. Fat is the only fuel of the body. All proteins and all carbs must be converted to fat in order to provide energy for the body, the human Ferrari. You and I are human Ferraris. Wow! Magical! You and I are magical every single day. All the past and all of the future is built into our today thinking. As the Master says, give me your fears and worries and have faith.

The wings will unfurl and you shall fly, or step on solid ground. Nature created you with a conscious mind, a creative mind, a blessed mind. The mind is the master, not the body. Health and wellness is not built into the body, but into the mind. As you dig deeper and deeper, enjoy the gift that God has given you and me today and every day.

SLOW IT DOWN! Turn the frown upside down. A breath and smile this and every day to the problems which are the presence and the pieces of the puzzle that create the master universe. YOU. Simple, easy, and amazing concepts.

The Ferrari needs far less fuel. It’s a pit stop, not a constant grazing animal. Like a lion eats, far less is the key. Make it fatty, as it be. Bacon, eggs, butter, beef… BAM! Baby! That’s health and wellness.

The grazing on fruits, fibers, and vegetables causes fermentation in the gut. The inflammation caused by gas, heat, aldehyde, alcohol, which are all toxic to the body, cause bloating, GERD, and everything else, you know. The excess plant antigens, glucose, which causes glycation is deadly.

But our thinking is based on thousands of years of habits, and most of our habits are killing us. There is no amount of alcohol that is healthy for you. And if you’re eating a Standard American Diet, you are ingesting a tremendous amount of carbohydrates which feed the bacteria and yeast that are brought in with the food. Consuming probiotics [which are pro-BAD for your body] does the same. Indigestion is killing us, slow but sure.

It’s not some complicated or complex issue. It’s really quite simple. The Ferrari needs fat and we don’t eat fat. It needs natural fat, animal fat. But we don’t touch it. We cut it away. And then we run, run, run, run, like we are in the Indy 500, and those cars end up in the junkyard. Like most Ferrari drivers on the streets of the world, you run into all sorts of things that cause damage, disease, fire, and death.

Rest and relax more. Meditate and visualize. Do yoga, Tai Chi, massage, and acupuncture. Your body is already fit and fantastic—the Ferrari. Today, this day, think the opposite of what you’ve been doing.

If you’re bulking up through exercise, which is generally aiding the obesity epidemic, because you must store more fat in and around the muscle in order to provide the energy for the muscles. Fat is the only energy. It is the super fuel for the mitochondria.

We call it ketogenic dieting, but, in fact, we never go from sugar to fat. But we don’t eat fat. Our body is simply consuming sugar, but it must be converted to fat before it fuels the cell. Simple answer.

Keto is king. We’ll call it the ketogenic diet. We measure our ketones— beta-hydroxybutyrate and acetone are just a few of the ketone bodies. But it is NOT ketoacidosis, which is caused by hyperglycemia, which is basically lettuce, fruits, fiber, and vegetables. It fuels the death and damage of our bodies, but we are a lion, a tiger, a Ferrari. When you fuel it properly… that means half of what you consume and less frequently is key. I say intermittent feasting, that’s once a day or twice a day, 12-24 hours apart. Narrow the food. Because variety is deadly and spices are deadly. They cause allergic reactions in our bodies that lead to every death and disease that you and I suffer from. Enough is enough!

The supermarkets “super-marketing” to you and me are killing us. We take it hook, line, and sinker to the bottom, and we can’t figure out why we’re not getting better. If you want to keep putting your Ferrari on the racetrack, thinking it’s going to get better and last longer because you put more miles, heat, and friction on it. But then you say, “wait that doesn’t make sense.” What makes sense is look at nature. Animals don’t exercise. They move with intent, and that is different than exercise. Move to create, that is the energy of the universe.

Recognize that any motion is friction and heat and requires energy. Energy causes damage as it burns in our body. None of us will live forever. But spiritually, our thoughts and energy are forever as we learn new, amazing, concepts and ideas.

Keto is king, but I’m going to say, fertile, fatty food (that means REAL fat – bacon, eggs, butter, beef) and eat the fat first. The liver has all of the minerals and vitamins. If you consume that, you’ll have far less need for all of these supplements, drugs, potions, and poisons.

We’re looking for the miracle cure, but the miracle cure is already here. It’s the fat you carry. It doesn’t matter how fat you are, that is the super fuel. It doesn’t cause the diseases, but rather the consumption of the carbs and the protein [I call it “carbo-caine”], that are causing the death, damage, disease, destruction, and mental anxiety. It doesn’t make sense, does it?

Now at 62, I feel healthy and well. There are aches and pains somewhere from time to time, but far less than ever before. I do zero exercise, but I move with intent and joy every day. Know that the universe is always bringing me a problem, because these are the pieces of the puzzle that create the story of your life. That is easy.

You’re not working to breathe in general, for most of us. But the foods we consume bring in the antigens that cause the inflammation in the gut, the lungs, heart, vessels, in the spaces between the cells, in the cells, and everywhere in our bodies. DONE! Shift it today.

I’m not selling a potion, drug, herb, or 30 day this or that. You’re in charge of the day to day everything in your life. You’re in charge of what goes into your mind, into your mouth, which creates the matter that you carry around as a human gift.

It is simple. Each day love, forgiveness, joy, and yes, from time to time there is sadness, disappointment, anxiety, and fear, but those are the gems of the universe that move us to create and build on our lives.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, enjoy that part of your life. Whoever you’re with, wherever you’re going, the moment right now is the only moment you and I have. It’s a series of infinite moments.

Remember the gift is the life. You are the human gift, the Ferrari. Irreplaceable, very expensive, valuable. Begin to take in in the mind, in the mouth, that which is really good for you. Enough of the alcohol, the drugs, the tobacco, and the carbo-caine.

God Bless. Enjoy this awesome and amazing day. This is Dr. Rob Kiltz. Just sharing some thoughts and ideas for building your awesome and amazing life. God Bless!

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