Hope After Loss
Posted by: admin on Dec 15, 2010 in Success Stories

I first began treatment at CNY Fertility Center when my husband was deployed to Iraq. Dr. Kiltz diagnosed me with PCOS and began working with me immediately to get pregnant, timing everything so that I would be fertile when my husband came home on R&R for two weeks. I took Clomid and was monitored for follicle development. The day after my husband flew in from Iraq my follicles were mature. My husband held my hand as the nurse gave me a shot of Ovidrel to release my eggs. We were told to go home and make love for the next three days (which was not hard because we hadn’t seen eachother for 6 months). Before my husband went back to Iraq we knew that we were pregnant.

Six weeks later, I went in for my first sonogram. I was devastated when I was told that they were unable to find my pregnancy. It was explained to me that I had an ectopic pregnancy and that it would have to be terminated. Refusing to accept my situation, I agreed to come back a week later for a subsequent sonogram. I called my husband in Iraq as soon as I got home. That was the worst conversation of my life. The next week, Dr. Kiltz performed my sonogram and still could not find the pregnancy. I still couldn”t accept it and refused to terminate. As I cried Dr. Kiltz said something to me that changed everything. He promised me that I would definitely have a healthy baby very soon. In an age where no medical professional dares to make any promises when it comes to health, my doctor was bold enough to be that confident in his abilities. With that being said, Dr. Kitz talked to my husband on the phone in Iraq and explained to him what had happened and together we made the decision to take the shot of Methotrexate that most certainly saved my life and helped me to move forward with my journey to motherhood.

When my husband returned from Iraq 6 months later, we started Gonal RFF injections to produce more follicles for Invitro Fertilization (IVF). Our first try with IVF was a success. On March 6, 2010 our twin girls Sarafina and Arianna were born healthy and happy. I thank Dr. Kiltz for his words of hope on that very grim day.

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