Here, Your Silence is Heard


Sitting in our comfortable reception area with a cup of tea as you wait for your name to be called may not always feel as relaxing as the image would suggest.  As you rest silently wondering what this appointment will bring, please know that the woman next to you understands the magnitude of your silence.  She too, often sits silently.  Before an appointment, at a friend’s baby shower, out to dinner with friends – there is a often a collective silence amongst those coping with infertility.  To the outside world, you may appear more reserved, or even a little down.  However, within our walls, everyone can hear your silence.
If you are not ready to talk about your challenges yet, that is OK.  It takes time to open up, to trust, and to let go.  Whenever you are ready to share, we are ready to listen.  For now, please know that we already  hear you.
If you would like to sit amongst those who understand you and hear you, please join us for one of our many support opportunities this month.  All of our support groups and webinars are free.  You don’t even have to be an active client yet to participate.  For more information on our support opportunities, please visit our CNY Fertility Calendar.
I am also available to listen and offer encouragement.  Please don’t hesitate to let me know what you need.