Helpful coping strategies from Kristen Magnacca


kristen magnaccaWhether your  family and friends are “in the know” or not regarding your fertility issues, holidays or special occasions including the upcoming “Mother’s Day” celebrations can be a challenge.
Here are a few strategies that can help you through the day.
1)    Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling without judgment. So, feel what you’re feeling without placing any judgment and then release it to the universe… either journal the feeling away or having a “hissy fit” just get that energy out!
2)    Determine what will be best for you.  Attend or not to attend? Again with out judgment.  There could be ramifications for not attending but so be it!  Right now, you have to think of yourself and your physical and mental health first!
3)    If you plan on attending, break the day’s events down into portions and set your intention on what you are capable of attending. I speak about this in my book, that I would set my goal of attending the cocktails and appetizers.  If I made it through that and wanted to stay I was already successful.  This allowed me not to feel like a failure if I had to leave before dinner, I already had my escape plan and I was a winner!
4)    Have a secret code word or “Red Flag Word” for your husband/ partner… We used “these pretzels are making me thirst” from Seinfeld.  My husband knew I was ready to have an emotional meltdown and he would run for my coat or the car!  (Please refer to page 115 in Love & Infertility)
5)    This might be the most important one!  In marketing there is a term called an “elevator speech”.  A elevator speech is a one to two second blur that your have down cold to sell your business to someone that you happen to meet on an elevator or anywhere else.  The door close and you have just the amount of time to the next floor to get your information out in a clear coincide manner.  (Please refer to page 79  in Love & Infertility)
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