Have A Good Laugh!


Kristen Magnacca, author of Love & InfertilityDid you know that when you have a loud and hearty, air gasping, stomach-hurting laugh your body is actually producing natural pain-killing endorphins, which can provide a temporary distraction from pain?
A few years back, Mark and I were presenting our Love & Infertility Workshop to a group in San Diego, California.  After we shared the “Honey Do List” Strategy (page 101 in the book) to the group Mark asked for a volunteer to share one of their items.
A husband in the group raised his hand and shared his request for his wife for the next day:
See a funny movie with me” was what he wrote first.
Mark questioned him about his request and the gentleman shared further “One of the reasons I fell so hard for my wife was that she has this contagious laugh, since we entered fertility treatment, I don’t hear that very often and I miss it so much”. She agreed to go see a comedy with him the next day!
The bumps and bruises along the fertility journey way have the ability to knock the laughter and joy right out of you.  But, taking time to focus on creating that laugh filled moment has so many more benefits than you realize.  Check out the article Therapeutic Benefits of Laughter http://www.holistic-online.com/Humor_Therapy/humor_therapy_benefits.htm.
Then rent “Run Fat Boy Run” (http://www.runfatboyrunmovie.com/)
You’ll laugh so hard that you’ll be gasping! I’m not going to give it away, but there is a scene in the movie that depicts how you might be feeling while you’re trying to create your family and it gives a great visual of breaking through to the other side of a personal block.

Happy Laughter!
Kristen Magnacca