Going Green at CNY Fertility Center


Dr Robert KiltzCNY Fertility Center is in the process of Going Green, with our new web based Patient Portal we will do away with paper charts, paper documents, etc. I’m emailing you today to ask for your help with our Going Green efforts. We are asking all past and present clients of CNY Fertility Center to take a moment to visit our Patient Portal (eIVF) at the website link here and update your patient information, I would greatly appreciate it. It only takes a moment. If you have not already been given a user name and password for the web access, please contact our office either by emailing us at callcenter@cnyfertility.com or by calling us at 315-469-8700 or toll free 800-539-9870 (press 1 for the prompt that will take you to the Call Center Operator).
Patient Portal Information:
**Please note that the patient portal is most compatible with a PC computer.

1)   Go to https://www.cnyfertility.com
2)   On the far right hand side of the page is a link to the patient portal in green. Single click in this area.
3)   Enter the user name (              ) and password (           ) you were given. Press ‘Enter’ or click on ‘Login’
4)   Click on ‘Continue’ after reading disclaimer
5)   Click on ‘I Agree’ to Terms of Use
6)   SKIP the demographics page (Personal information) by clicking on ‘No Change” button at the bottom of the page
7)   Change your password by clicking on the ‘Profile’ link on the left hand side on screen.
a)  Click the ‘Change Password’ link near the middle of the screen.
b)  Enter current password and then enter the new password and then confirm new password.
c)  Click the ‘Change’ Button. A message will be displayed, “Your new password is updated”
8)   Single click ‘Home’ link on left hand side
9)   Single click on ‘YOUR HISTORY FORM IS INCOMPLETE” at top left side of screen
10) Single click on “PATIENT EVALUATION”
11) Click the ‘Next’ button and you will be on the Female Information Form.
12) The first question you need to answer is about height & weight under “Marital Status”.  Fill out all questions on this form. To continue, click ‘Next’ until questionnaire is complete.
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Dr. Rob Kiltz
CNY Fertility Center

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