God’s grace
Posted by: admin on Dec 16, 2010 in Success Stories

I am a 33 year old woman from a family of 13. I was married at 19 to my love Wayne. We always wanted children, i always wanted to be a mom. About a year after getting married I got pregnant, at 17wks I began 2 miscarry the Dr. wanted to do a d&c but i was nervous about that . i went home, a few days later was rushed to the hospital hemorrhaging. They did the d&c & so began 5 years of heartbreaking losses for Wayne & I. I had 1 more miscarriage & 3 ectopic pregnancy’s, the last tubal ruptured & I almost died. As I was taken into surgery I begged the Doctor to leave at least one of my tubes. The next day they told me that they had taken 1 tube & sliced the other apparently there was a growth in that tube as well. A few months later i had a test done that showed that the remaining tube was not working. That was in april 2000. I have never gotten pregnant again. I do not have insurance so exploring further options hasn’t really been a possibility .

Three years ago a dear friend passed away leaving us guardian of 2 wonderful 14 year old’s. Challenging but fulfilling. At the same time a baby was brought into our life she lives with us 3 to 4 days a week. We are greatly blessed and enjoy our children so much. I would love to give birth and have more children, short of a miracle I don’t see that happening. But the Word says “we live by faith not by sight” so I’m trusting God.

Blessings to you & yours,

Kari B.  Psalm 91

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