Glucose: The Poison


Glucose is a tasty fuel that we’re driven to consume and eat in abundance. The human body is really smart. It has little happy sensors that say, “Wow! This is really good for me.” It knows how to get you to eat. It knows how to get you fat, because you are meant to be fat. It wants you fattened up for the fall and winter months to come so you are there and ready for the springtime, whether you need to travel to the hunting grounds or you’re there already. Maybe we’re meant to get fat, and fast and hibernate.
But we’re driven to all carbohydrates and some are more sugary and sweet for a reason – to get us to consume them more and more. Somehow, we’ve created this story that they’re good for us and that complex carbs are better than simple. Those carbs – complex and sugar (simple)—all become one thing: simple sugars in the gut to be absorbed into the bloodstream to be transported in order to be stored as fat.
Insulin goes up so glucose goes down because the body wants glucose to be 60, not 70-100. Hypoglycemia is a rare, rare thing unless you’re taking insulin. The fasting state actually is the best you can be in. Because glucose is now low (as it’s supposed to be) and the mighty mitochondria continue to burn fat (Acyl-CoA), which comes from the fat stores both in the cell itself and the surrounding tissue and those distant stores that are meant to be there in order to help us thrive and survive. In fact, being fat is fit. Glucose is the toxin that we’re meant to eat so we can get fat, have stored energy and so we can go longer and longer in order to find more food and reproductive potential and do the things human beings are meant to do.
And yet, we’ve been convinced how good carbs are, especially complex carbs. But this is not science. It’s marketing and fiction. All the minerals and vitamins and energy come from the fatty stores of our own animal-ness. When you eat fat, you actually become fit and reduce inflammation and appetite. Because it’s the time when your body says there is plenty of abundant fuel and we don’t have to run to seek food and hibernation is not coming. Glucose is the simple toxin we’re meant to eat and get fat from. We’re meant to consume it in abundance because it wasn’t around very long under most normal conditions before modern agriculture and modern methods of transportation and preservation of food.
Yet you must know that carbohydrates that are blended in a blender that micronizes and releases the simple sugars but still leaves many plant antigens that disperse within your body and are plastered within every cell structure. The immune system says this is foreign material and we have an immunologic reaction (not an autoimmune reaction; it’s a simple natural reaction to get rid of foreign substances). It doesn’t see our own cells as foreign, but it sees the material that’s embedded in our cells as foreign and it’s working to get them out.
Meanwhile the high glucose levels have caused damage to the white blood cells and the inflammatory immune system, and they cause even more damage. Now we are immuno-compromised (either high or low) but it is actually causing more damage and disease and makes us seek survival through the consumption of more carbohydrates and sugar because our body thinks doom is on the horizon.
We must begin to eat the fat. By eating fat, we become thin. Inflammation is reduced. The mighty mitochondria are strengthened because it is simply the high glucose that causes the damage, not the high fat in our systems. We have been duped to believe that fat is bad and fresh fruits and vegetables and fiber are good. Quite the opposite is likely true, but our opiate receptors say, “Yes, we like that.” Of course we do. But both the glucose and antigens from plant material are the cause of our autoimmune diseases, which are all of the allergic reactions happening in our bodies that cause damage to the gut cells, skin cells, vascular cells, heart cells, neurologic cells, immune cells, the immune system, the everything. The rise in the damage and disease to our body is not from some strange foreign toxin, some pesticide or some GMO. It’s simply from the abundant food substances and variety and almost certainly the carbs that are our killer.
Unfortunately, we like to look at population-based studies and come up with “what about this?” or “what about that” and it’s easy to find someone like my grandmother who lived to 104 who smoked and drank (Pall Malls and Manhattans) and we thought that adding a filter was good or drinking red wine and beer that’s organic was better. But these are toxins to our body, and the biggest one is glucose.
When you begin to realize this and you begin to eat the fat (bacon, eggs, butter, beef –the BEBE diet), you’ll see it’s the best health diet ever, even if it doesn’t make sense.
The simple story is that glucose is a toxin and you can’t simply take a drug to lower the glucose and think you’re good. Because the moment you do that, you want more carbs to fill the need/desire of the opiate receptors to be happy. We are driven to only a few things that lead us to happiness, and yet we get there, get the happy, and then we get the miserable.
This is the idea that most of us cannot believe. But look at your health bills and our health care system. Costs are rising and it is a big machine. But in fact, it is not helping us to become healthy. I call it “sick-care” instead of healthcare. You are responsible for your healthcare and no one else. Healthcare is driven by what you put into your body and nothing else. You choose to put more or less, or good or bad, or right or wrong. It’s your heart. Relax. Rejuvenate. Slow it down and take a walk. See the wonder of the universe. Less is more. Glucose is the killer. Your body wants fat, that’s why we get fat, to get thin.
This is Dr. Rob Kiltz just sharing some stories about your health and wellness. God bless.

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