Fresh, Whole Foods for Fertility!


The farmer’s markets are open!  Now is a great time to explore all of the whole, fresh foods that local growers have to offer.  Pair them with some other nutrition-boosting foods at your store.  These foods are tasty and help to support good nutrition for fertility.
Fruits and vegetables this time of year are abundant.  Eat them fresh or freeze them for later!  Look for ones that contain folate (also known as B9) as it is beneficial for fertility in both men and women.  Adding colorful fruits and veggies to your diet ensure that you are getting a rainbow of vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants for healthy reproductive systems.  Fruits and veggies, especially dark, leafy greens, also contain fiber which helps to reduce PCOS, immunological issues, and promotes healthy hormonal balance.  Raw, organic veggies are great because they help to cleanse the body.
Eating grains that are in their whole and natural form is key.  They are complex carbohydrates that are filled with fiber, vitamins and minerals, and also help to support the immune system.  Whole oats, quinoa (click here for an awesome Quinoa Salad recipe!), popcorn, and wild rice are some excellent examples.
Nuts and seedsare great for men and women.  Zinc found in nuts and pumpkin seeds enhance testosterone production and increase sperm count.  An antioxidant, selenium, which is found is nuts and seeds is important for preventing chromosome breakage.
Adding healthy oils when sautéing your veggies, adds an extra boost of essential fats for both men and women which play a crucial role in hormonal functioning.  Healthy fats, such as Omega 3’s can found in avocadoes.  The Aztecs actually referred to avocadoes as the “fertility fruit” as they help increase sperm motility.
Join us for our workshops on nutrition and fertility!
In Syracuse:
Fertile Foods Workshop, Saturday, July 28th from 1-3pm.  No Fee.  RSVP to reserve your spot at 315.671.5755
In Albany:
Nutrition Workshop, Thursday, July 12th from 7-8pm.  Free to attendPlease RSVP to 518.724.5750
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Fertile Foods & Supplements, Thursday, July 19th from 6-8pm.  Free to attend! Please RSVP at 585-244-1280 ext. 2