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What is nutrition for fertility?

The Fertile Secret Nutrition program educates you on what food and lifestyle habits to include and what to avoid to improve your chances of conceiving. Based on the most recent nutrition research and the wisdom of Asian dietary therapy, our holistic practitioners use an integrative approach that includes relaxation, exercise and food to nourish your body on all levels. By optimizing your weight, ensuring adequate vitamin intake from food and supplementation and introducing healthy lifestyle habits, The Fertile Secret Nutrition program will help you enhance your fertility and set the stage for a healthy pregnancy.

What can I expect in my first nutrition consultation?

The Fertile Secret Nutrition program believes that our food is our medicine and our medicine is our food. Our holistic practitioners all agree that the experience of food should be pleasurable. We are committed to finding you healthy alternatives to ensure that your fertility diet is a most pleasurable experience.

During your initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your individual goals for health and current lifestyle habits. Your practitioner will make specific recommendations based on your Western and Eastern diagnoses. After your first consultation you will receive a customized plan that includes: meal ideas, recipes, lifestyle suggestions and supplement recommendations.

A fertility-friendly diet can help you:

1. Improve absorption and distribution of nutrients
2. Reduce PMS
3. Balance blood sugar levels to address PCOS and gestational diabetes
4. Detoxify from environmental toxins
5. Balance hormones
6. Optimize weight to attain an ideal BMI (body mass index) for conception (19-25)


A recent study by the Harvard Medical School studied 18,000 women over a period of eight years to determine how diet impacts fertility. In this study, one in six women encountered challenges during their journey to conception. The Fertility Diet, outlines specific results as to what dietary and lifestyle habits can help women conceive: (1)

• Following a mostly plant-based diet
• Choosing high-fat dairy over low-fat dairy
• Taking a prenatal vitamin
• Regular exercise
• Avoiding trans fats, choosing healthy monounsaturated fats
• Choosing low-glycemic foods

Dietary changes also have special significance in helping to treat PCOS. Studies have shown that weight loss, through diet and exercise, as little as 5-10% can be helpful in restoring fertility:

• A low calorie diet to balance the menstrual cycle, re-instate ovulation and reduce prevalence of male hormones.(2)

1. Chavarro, J.E. and Willett, W.C. The Fertility Diet. New Findings from the Nurses’ Health Study. New York, NY, McGraw Hill, 2008.
2. Crossignani et al. Overweight and obese anovulatory patients with polycystic ovaries: parallel improvements in anthropometric indices, ovarian physiology and fertility rate induced by diet.

Frequently asked questions


Who can benefit from a nutrition consultation?

Men or women looking to improve their chances of conceiving by optimizing their weight, supporting sperm and egg quality and resolving conditions like PCOS can benefit greatly from a nutrition consultation.

How many nutrition sessions should I sign up for?

While some people need a jumpstart to their program with a single nutrition consult, others benefit greatly from ongoing support with meal plans and recipes. During your initial consultation, your nutrition consultant will help you determine a protocol that best supports your personal goals.

How do I choose a good prenatal?

We recommend all of our clients take a quality prenatal and fish oil for basic nutritional support. During your consultation, you will also learn about additional supplements and food sources that can help to balance your system and address your specific diagnoses.

CNY Fertility Center has chosen to partner with Theralogix® to offer a comprehensive line of evidence-based, independently tested and certified nutritional supplements. Theralogix supplements have been approved by a Medical Advisory Board comprised of nationally reputed physicians and scientists after a detailed review of the most recently published scientific data.

Supplements are available in our retail store at our CNY Healing Arts Centers in Albay, Syracuse and Rochester, NY.

How important is weight loss for fertility?

Since estrogen is stored in our fat cells, weight optimization is a key for hormonal balance. Finding your ideal body weight, by losing or gaining weight as the case may be, is helping for supporting fertility. In conditions of PCOS weight loss through exercise and nutrition has been shown as helpful for resolving fertility.

I’m so confused. There’s so much nutrition information out there, I don’t know what to follow?

A nutrition consultation can set the stage for greater health and wellbeing by providing you with specific recommendations based on your western and eastern diagnoses and personal goals. Through this process of re-balancing your body, you will naturally attune to the foods that best support your optimal health. Our goal is to help you find healthful alternatives to your favorite foods and ensure pleasure remains the cornerstone of your diet.

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