The Fertile Secret

The Fertile Secret™

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In 2011 Dr. Kiltz’s book, The Fertile Secret: Guide to Living a Fertile Life, came out in paperback and Kindle and then July 2013 a more comprehensive book, The Fertile Secret: 10 Steps to Living a More Fertile Life, came out in paperback, Kindle and audiobook soon to come! We are so excited and proud.
Our Program

The Fertile Secret integrates state-of-the-art western reproductive technologies with the wisdom of eastern healing modalities. At each of our locations, Western fertility specialists work closely with our mind-body practitioners to create holistic fertility plans designed to enhance conception. All clients have access to the latest in Western medical treatments in addition to complementary Eastern medicine therapies shown to improve success rates:


Our Philosophy:
The Fertile Secret is within each of us. By finding our place of peace and balance amidst the demands of life and the stress of infertility, we renew our life-giving potential. Dr. Robert Kiltz sees this potential in all of his patients. Recognizing the toll that infertility was taking on their lives, he felt a deep desire to offer a more balanced approach to treating infertility. By reconnecting his patients with the power of positive thinking, he sees men and women improve the quality of their lives on their journey to conception.

Our Treatments:
With inner peace comes deep healing. Our holistic approach is designed to support the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your fertility. Acupuncture, massage, nutritional counseling, yoga and specialized workshops, alongside assisted reproductive technology, returns your body to a place of balance from which conception can occur. The Fertile Secret addresses common imbalances of fertility including:

• Anovulation
• Ammenorrhea
• Cysts
• Fibroids
• Endometriosis
• High FSH
• Luteal Phase Defect
• Male factor infertility
• Pelvic Adhesions
• Poor egg quality
• Recurrent Miscarriage
• Stress related infertility
• Unexplained Infertility

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