CNY Fertility Center is committed to offering information about each family building option. Some of our clients have found adoption to be their most promising path for creating a family. There are many things to consider when planning to adopt; eligibility, financing, country to adopt from, adoption provider, and if embryo adoption is a possibility. There are many children who need loving homes, and we hope the information provided will help to answer any questions you have about adoption.

In 2010, CNY Fertility became a corporate sponsor for the annual fundraiser held by Parenthood for Me. If you are looking for financial or emotional assistance on your path to parenthood please visit their website here They offer education tools for individuals starting families through adoption and medical intervention.


  1. What to consider when planning to adopt
  2. Eligibility
  3. Financing
  4. Choosing an adoption provider
  5. Domestic adoption
  6. International adoption
  7. Foster care and foster care to adopt
  8. Embryo adoption


1. What to consider when planning to adopt


2. Eligibility

Many individuals and couples are eligible to adopt a child. They must meet the following eligibility requirements in NYS.


3. Fianancing

The adoption process can be expensive. Listed below are links to suggestions to help pay for and reduce costs of an adoption.


4. Choosing an adoption provider

Adoptions can be performed by a private agency, public agency or through an adoption lawyer. Choosing a reputable adoption provider is important for a positive adoption experience.


5. Domestic Adoption

When deciding to adopt a child from the US, there are many avenues available. There are different types of agencies which provide domestic adoptions. You can see a list of all accredited agencies in NY by clicking here.

  • Private Agency – A private agency has typically been accredited by the state in which they are providing services. They can help adopting couples across state lines, so geographical location is not always a limiting factor. Adoptive parents may or may not meet with or be chosen by the birthmother
  • Independent Adoption – A couple may place an ad in a newspaper or online for a birthmother looking to place her child for adoption. The couple would use an adoption attorney to draw up documents and complete the adoption process.
  • Public Agency – Children whose parents rights have been terminated often end up available for adoption through a public agency, including foster to adopt programs.


6. International Adoption

Adopting a child from a foreign country is another way to build your family. International (intercountry) adoptions must comply with the laws of the adoptive child’s country, and typically travel to that country is required.


7. Foster care and foster care to adopt

There are many children in NY awaiting a safe and happy home. The parental rights of many children who are placed in foster care will eventually be terminated, allowing them to then be adopted. The majorities are older children and special needs children, however infants are sometimes available.

8. Embryo Adoption

Couples who have completed their family building after fertility treatments may have extra frozen (cryopreserved) embryos. Some couples decide to give their extra embryos to an embryo adoption agency. Following a screening and qualification process a recipient couple can adopt the embryos and have a frozen embryo transfer. Legal documents and agreements will be signed by all, the embryo adoption agency will step couples through this process.

* CNY Fertility Center will have an Embryo Donation Program available in the near future so keep checking back if you are interested in that option. For now check into the sites below.

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