Embryo Transfer

embryoselectOne of our practitioners, along with the embryologist team, will examine the embryos before transfer to determine the likelihood that any given embryo will implant. The quality of the embryos is very important. Several other factors may determine how many embryos will be transferred, such as your age, how many years you have been infertile and previous IVF cycles. Most couples with an average embryo quality usually select between two or three embryos to transfer. Generally, the pregnancy rate increases as more embryos are transferred, but so does the chance for multiple pregnancies. These issues will be discussed prior to your embryo transfer.

embryotransferThe actual transfer is a brief procedure. The embryos are “loaded” into the tip of a catheter along with a very small amount of transfer medium. The catheter is then gently passed through the cervical canal and into the uterus. Usually, you never feel this. The embryos are slowly expelled near the top of the uterus. This transfer only takes a few seconds. No rest period is required after transfer and you can go back to your normal routine right away.

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