Detailed Explanation of IVF

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Ovarian Stimulation

An IVF treatment cycle begins with the onset of a menstrual period.  You will need to call our office with the first day of your menstrual cycle to schedule a baseline exam for cycle day 2,3 or 4 that will include blood work and a trans-vaginal ultrasound.  At this appointment your protocol will be outlined and we will give you one-on-one teaching of your medications that will begin that evening.  Your appointments for follow-up monitoring will be scheduled and we will monitor your progress every 2-4 days during your stimulation.  Once your follicles grow to approximately 13mm and/or your Estrogen level reaches a certain level, the staff will instruct you to begin your antagonist injection (Cetrotide or Ganirelix).  Stimulation typically occurs for 10-12 days.  Once the follicles are of maturing size you will then take a single injection to trigger final maturity of the eggs and the egg retrieval will be scheduled 35 hours after this injection. You should not have intercourse during the time between the trigger injection and the egg retrieval.






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